Observations Of The Human Condition

by Survay Says!

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released April 8, 2014

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by:
John Naclerio at Nada Recordings

Produced by:
John Naclerio & Henry Menzel

Executive Producers:
Matt Flood
Maria Menzel
Henry Menzel

All music & lyrics by:
Henry Menzel & Dennis "D.Jay" Menzel

(except for track 4: lyrics by David McWane & Henry Menzel)

Survay Says! is...
Henry Menzel (guitars/vocals)
Dennis "D.Jay" Menzel (trombone/guitars/vocals)
Michael Fenton (tenor saxophone)
Ricky Coates (trumpet)
Brent Lawrence Friedman (drums/percussion)
Colin Keeley (bass guitar)

Additional Performers:
JT Turret (keyboards on track 4)
David McWane (vocals on track 4)
Joe Ragosta (vocals on track 7)

Album Artwork by:
Hue Dare & Dennis "D.Jay" Menzel

Copyright Asbestos Records & Survay Says! Music 2014
All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved



Survay Says! Blairstown, New Jersey

Survay Says! Is a 6-piece pop punk/ska band from New Jersey. Averaging 150+ shows a year for the past 3 years, Survay Says! Blends horn-driven ska music with a hard hitting and quick, catchy pop punk sound.

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Track Name: Ode To My Willpower (Or Lack Thereof)
This might be what I amount to/
Someone who is used to letting the world just ignore me
while I cuddle up with my LCD screen/
It might just be what I need/
These prescriptions make my stomach bleed/
And nothing outside of my door makes me wanna get up on my feet again/

Try and understand that i'm not really a fan/
But I think its just who I am

Picking myself up, letting myself down/
Here comes another shame spiral/
Topping all of this is at the bottom of my list/
And one day, I might be able to pick myself off of the floor/

But not today/

I could give myself a chance, get in the right zone/
I have way too many friends to feel this alone
And maybe I could shed some pounds and up my self-esteem/
But if you only like me then, you're probably not who I want around me/
I'd rather you like the round me/

And maybe one day it will come to me
Not to live perfunctory and I won't be left with
Picking myself up, letting myself down/
Here it comes/
Topping all of this is at the bottom of my list/
And maybe one day I'll pick myself up/

But not today
Track Name: I Aim To Misbehave
I'm a masochistic optimist scared of everything I'm up against/
And I can't find solid ground with my head up in the clouds/
Sometimes I don't wanna be here but I'm looking for acceptance/
Searching for some common sense in a bundle of contradictions/

And when your life is spent coping with living can you really call that living at all?
And can you be sure that you have perspective while you're shielding your eyes from it all?

So take me as I am/
And you can take my hand while I talk about the long run while I can barely stand/
And I'll make the best laid plans because this is who I am/
Just someone trying to make sense of what I don't understand/

I don't understand/

It's like a stress test to have a normal conversation/
Too much anger and frustration at the surface/
And all that I am basing this is being subpar at relationships/
And the toll that this is taking is obvious/

And when you spend your life coping with living can you really call that living at all?
And can you make any progress with your back against the wall/

I'm the sum of my experience, plus all the places that I've been/
I hope that's enough in the end
Divided by the pain I feel, plus all the love that makes this real/
I hope that's enough in the end
In the end
Track Name: This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things [ft. David McWane of Big D And The Kids Table]
Let’s take a lifetime to examine this world
When we’re hurled into time we thought things would be better
But their anger, keeps progress -- aching ‘n’ aging ‘n’ asking
Why truth can’t-beset on anything, they’re all lying man,
But-I’m trying man / check-out my solid plan

I’ll move through out my life, like I will never fear anything
And keep my world small ‘cause too many people hate everything
But as for me, even though it’s contrary, I’ll be straight
‘Cause-honesty is the best legacy – what’s your legacy?

And when they come around
Our job's to put them down
Run it into the ground
And kick them while they're down

Welcome to the club
Welcome to the congregation
A lost and misled generation

Take a second to examine yourself
Let's find out how we managed to step into this hell/
'Cause I could've sworn, could've sworn just a minute ago
We were all on the same team/

We live our lives in fear that one day we might feel anything/
Under false assumptions claiming nothing means anything/
How can we make anyone else care when we stand with our noses high in the air/

I'd disown you. No hesitation/
I shouldn't be ashamed of my generation/
And I don't care where you're from or where you go to school
And I don't give a fuck about what you think is cool
I can only give respect when respect is due
That's the last thing I'd expect from you/
Track Name: It's A Great Day For America Everybody! (Yes Indeed!)
Make us believe you're the ones keeping us free/
The ones we choose to lead us are the scariest enemies/

Drug abusers cast away guilty of their sin/
But if you're a rich white movie star than stick that needle in/

I wish that I could change the world and create some better days/
But I can't, so I'll just sing my songs til they take my rights away/

And I'm just as hypocritical as you but at least I can admit that/
And the world is going straight to hell so I might as well just sit back/
Track Name: Show Me Potato Salad!
Try and stop me/
Only I can stop me/
Jersey branded/
Cut me off at the knees, I'm still standing/
And you can't stand it/
Success may still be years away but I'm looking for my big score/
And I've got people that I used to call friends not speaking to me anymore/
And I've been working on brand new solutions to deal with reality and illusion/

Because an object that's in motion will tend to stay in motion/
And an object that's at rest will always fail the test/
And that's the only thing I know/
So come with me, we're about to go/

My friends like to tell me life is a goldmine/
But I can't see an entrance or a roadsign/
I'm the master of my destiny but a slave to my ambition/
In a world of outsiders, I'm still an outsider/
I don't care what I'm missing/

In a world of outsiders, I'm still an outsider/
Track Name: Cake Eater [ft. Joe Ragosta of Patent Pending]
I just can't stand the way you put everybody down with all your lies and exaggerations/
I think it's time for you to turn that mirror around and do a bit of self-examination

I wish that I could write down all the lies that you told to the people you say you love
But if I tried I wouldn't be able to find enough ink to archive all that you've done

And I fell for it over and over again/

I can't believe I let what you said get to me/
I guess that I was just too blind to see there's a liar standing next to me/
I'm moving on
And I won't think about you when you're gone/
With all of your lies its safe to say
That you're nothing but a fake to me/

Thanks for making me the villain of your story
I guess after all this time you still don't know me
I'll be the first to say that I'm no hero
But you lie, and cheat, and steal as far as we know

For all the times I stuck my neck out
You always seem to let me down
And I'm left with all this self doubt
I just can't stand when you're around
And I dont care if you ever call
And I'll be fine if i never see you
And I don't think that I knew you at all
And I just don't know what to do
Track Name: At Least I'm Safe Inside My Mind
I've been thinking about all the places that I came from
And I know there's a list a mile long but I can't seem to name one

You're the reason why I'm feeling this pain
And you're the reason why I'll be okay
And I won't let you slip away
I love this life you gave to me

And I know that I could be better than this
Because you showed me that I could be
And I know you see me when you look down
'Til we meet again I'll see you around

I've been thinking about the kind of people we are so far
And as good as you say I can be, I'll never match up to what you are
Track Name: Denial
This has been the worst damn year
The worst day of my life and you can't even be here
And I can't stand this pain I'm feeling
It's so revealing
And I can't make these wounds start healing
I'm losing all my friends and now I'm losing myself

I've gotta find the courage
To say the things I need to say
One day the truth will surface
And i'll feel closer to okay

This pain I feel, I know that it's not real
And I know that I am not the only one
And now I know I've grown to be the man that i'm supposed to be
And I can feel you close to me and I've got this feeling
You're not gone.

My daily prescription keeps increasing slowly
It keeps me from being a monster around the ones that know me
But I always see the monsters
I pretend that they're not there
That doesn't make them disappear

And now I've found the courage
To say the things I need to say
One day the truth will surface
And i'll feel closer to okay

You're not real
Go away
Track Name: Anger
Sit around and complain about all the things that go wrong in your life
And how its all just the same, but it never occurs to you that you could get up and change
And you can wallow in your own self pity while I travel from city to city and
Make my dreams come true and
Forget every memory I had with you

You dont understand the impact of your words or your actions
These reactions are just for the birds
You cant relate to this pain that I feel
And I know its not real but it hurts more than you'll ever know

Now I know its time for me to go
But before I do I want you to know

I guess I wasn't worth your time
You'll always be my biggest regret
And you were just a waste of mine
You're someone that i'd rather forget that I ever knew at all
And I will not take the fall for you
Sick of hearing what I did wrong after everything I did for you
Track Name: Turn The Page, Wash Your Hands
There's still so much more to discuss/
And So much more to learn/
So much more to discover one day after another/
Such better days to earn/

But the overlords still have control/
And it's weakened so much of my soul/
It's like I'm always around new company/
And time has changed so much of me/

But I'm actually okay/

I'm still low on gas and the prices are rising/
And at this point I shouldn't find it surprising/
Applications for days and no cure for cancer/
And they tell me a real job is still the right answer/

Believe in a genre, Believe in a scene/
But it seems nobody is believing in me/
The apathy here will always amaze me/
And I'm starting to believe that I'm actually crazy/

But I'm actually okay/

Despite all the systems working against me/
I might end up okay/

Thanks to anyone who gives a damn/
Cuz these lyrics and notes are who I am/

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