Things I Need To Say

by Survay Says!

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released October 19, 2013

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nick Orr at Highland House Studios

(except for track 5: Recorded, mixed and mastered by Henry Menzel at AtVariance Studios)

Produced by Henry Menzel & Dennis "D.Jay" Menzel

Music & lyrics by: Henry Menzel & Dennis "D.Jay" Menzel



all rights reserved


Survay Says! Blairstown, New Jersey

Survay Says! Is a 6-piece pop punk/ska band from New Jersey. Averaging 150+ shows a year for the past 3 years, Survay Says! Blends horn-driven ska music with a hard hitting and quick, catchy pop punk sound.

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Track Name: Things I Need To Say (Intro)
So this could be your background noise/
Or this could be your amusement/
But we're gonna let you decide how you choose to take our music/
'Cuz while we travel states and provinces/
Just trying to keep our promises/
Before we find out where the bottom is/
We just want you to know that you're part of this/
And while our past is sordid/
We're still listener supported/

I've gotta find the courage to say the things I need to say/
One day the truth will surface and I'll be closer to okay/
Track Name: Show Me Potato Salad!
Try and stop me/ Only I can stop me/ Jersey branded/ Cut me off at the knees I'm still standing/ And you can't stand it/ Success might still be years away and I'm looking for my big score/ I've got people that I used to call friends not speaking to me anymore/ And I've been working on brand new solutions To deal with reality and illusion/ Cuz an object that's in motion Tends to stay in motion And an object that's at rest Will always fail the test And thats the only thing I know/So come with me, we're about to go/My friends like to tell me life is a goldmine /But I can't see an entrance or a road sign/ I'm the master of my destiny but a slave to my ambition/ In a world of outsiders, I'm an outsider I don't care what I'm missing/
Track Name: The Netflix Song (Season Two)
I think I'd rather be alone tonight/I think i'd rather sit back and see what Netflix has to say 'cuz its better than waiting, better than debating how to fix all the problems you gave me/I'd rather stay in tonight/ I've never been a big fan of the parties you throw anyway/ and it makes me feel useless, like I just cant do this and I know you wont be there to save me/

and they say time heals all wounds/
well time better hurry the fuck up/

cuz its been way too long since i've seen the light of day/
now this blinding light it just doesn't feel right. I cant make this okay/
cuz its been way too long since i've seen the light of day/
and I cant make the world go away/

There's a thousand miles between the way things are and the way they should be/
and you and I know how good things could be/
but you still call me naive/
So I'd rather be alone tonight/
I think id rather sit back and watch a TV show/
Because you're about to see me go insane/ (i'm already insane)

I may not even get off the couch today/
I'm fighting a never-ending battle making the thought of you go away/
but I cant for even a minute/
maybe because we are so kindred/
So if you need me I'll be sitting here all day/
Track Name: Dear JCP&L, I'm Tired Of This Nonsense
I havent had power in 8 straight days/
and snow on halloween just sent the east coast in a craze/
just makes me wish i wasn't so dependent/
but i'll take any warmth I can get/
Ive got everything I might need/
A sweatshirt with a thermal underneath/
and I've been sleeping on MPF's couch
(just feeling like a waste of space)
But he's got a shower in his house/
But I can't wash this pain away/
Remember just the other day when we finally had a show to play but mother nature had her way/

So with this hand i've been given
I put a middle finger up and say fuck the town I live in
and I miss my dad and mom

Ive played for hours, can't beat this game
and I know I'm not the only one that feels this and I'm ashamed
Just makes me wonder what if I was somewhere thoughts like this would never come there
My point of view would just be shattered cuz none of this would ever matter
and as I lay here on this couch
(just thinking about those awful days)
the thought that travels to my mouth
(is may never leave this place)
where I spent every single day
it somehow keeps my friends at bay
they're stuck here too.
I guess i'll stay

and I know more storms will come and this feeling will be gone
by the end of this
Track Name: At Least I'm Safe Inside My Mind (Part 1)
I've been thinking about all of the places that I came from/
I can think up a list a mile long but I can't name one/

You're the reason why I'm feeling this pain/
And you're the reason why I'll be okay/
And I won't hide myself away/
I love this life you gave to me/

But I know I can be better than this/
Because you showed me that I could be/
And I know you see me when you look down/
Until we meet again, I'll see you around
Track Name: Denial (version 2)
This has been the worst damn year/
The worst day of my life and you can't even be here/
And I can't stand this pain I'm feeling/
Its so revealing and I can't make these start healing/
I'm losing all my friends and now i'm losing myself/

I've gotta find the courage to say the things I need to say/
One day the truth will surface and I'll be closer to okay/

This pain I feel, I know that it's not real/
And I know that I am not the only one/
And now I know I've grown to be the man that I'm supposed to be/
And I can feel you close to me/
I've got this feeling you're not gone/

My daily prescription keeps increasing slowly/
It keeps from being a monster around the ones that know me/
But I always see the monsters/
I pretend that they're not there, that doesn't make them disappear/

And now i've found the courage to say the things I need to say/
One day the truth will surface and I'll be closer to okay/

You're not real. Go away.